The Pithy Page

We seem to have a problem here. Very few folks actually know what a pithy saying represents. First, the definition of pithy...

Pithy:(pith-e) adj. pith-e-ier, pith-i-est 1. Consisting of pith; like pith. 2. Forceful; effective; a pithy remark. -- Syn. see terse.

Now, to the application of pithy in the context of IHOS. We do not play games with animal-rightist, tree-hugging, feminazi, liberal weenies who want to slime their way through life, ever conscious of the most politically correct positions imaginable. And we really can't tolerate mealy-mouthed, vegetarian, sensitivity-type twig-boys. Indeed, we kill, gut, and grill those type of folks. Nosiree, we want only those folks who can make statements that are forceful, effective, and constitute a pithy remark. We only cotton to those folks who are full of pith. Anyone else can sit in a corner and crunch on granola.

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